Calendar of Events

Calendar of Events

4/ (1897) Execution of 15 Bicolano Martyrs
6/ (1812) Birth of Melchora Aquino, Mother of Philippine Revolution
18/ (1896) Printing of the Kalayaan, the Newspaper of the Katipunan, with Emilio Jacinto as Editor.
20/ (1896) Death of Graciano Lopez-Jaena
23/ (1899) Inauguration of the First Philippine Republic at Barasoain Church.
28/ (1861) Birth of Julian Felipe
6/ (1964) Death Anniversary of Gen. Emilio Aguinaldo
15/ (1889) Anniversary of La Solidaridad
17/ (1872) Death Anniversary of GOMBURZA
22/ (1869) Birth of Gen. Emilio Aguinaldo
22/ (1897) Tejeros Convention
23/ (1897) 19 Martyrs of Aklan
16/ (1899) Death of Emilio Jacinto
10/ (1897) Death of Andres Bonifacio at Mt. Buntis, Maragondon, Cavite
13/ (1903) Death of Apolinario Mabini
28/ First flag was raised due to victory of the Battle of Alapan, Imus, Cavite
12 Independence Day Celebration
19/ (1861) Jose Rizal’s Birthday
3 Anniversary of La Liga Filipina
4 Centennial Celebration of MH del Pilar
7 Founding of the Katipunan / Rizal’s Exile to Dapitan
22/ (1864) Birth of Apolinario Mabini
23/ (1896) Cry of Pugad Lawin
30/ (1896) Battle of Pinaglabanan, first major battle
31/ (1896) Start of Philippine Revolution in Cavite
23/ (1896) Execution of 13 Martyrs in Cavite
11/ (1896) Battle of Binakayan, first major victory in the revolution
27/ (1896) Cry of Sta. Barbara, first cry of revolution against Spain in Visayas
30/ (1863) Birth of Andres Bonifacio
17/ (1856) Birth of Graciano Lopez Jaena
15/ (1875) Birth of Emilio Jacinto, Founder of Kalayaan
30/ (1896) Execution of Rizal

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